International Tattoo Convention

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17 Nov 2020

The fame of a tattoo studio can also be increased by mass media like conventions, TV, magazine appearances, movie star clients, etc. A TV series or a magazine appearance can boost a shop’s ratings, notoriety, and public option. There are many locations on the globe that have great shops which feature great artists. The best tattoo shops are spread across the five continents. On our 25 best tattoo shops list, we have named studios from Europe, Asia, United States, New Zeeland, and more. For the broadest view of the top tattoo locations we included shops from all over the world, each having artists with unique styles and either a traditional or modern approach to this art form.

Besides their location, environment, sterilization, tattoo gear, and customer service, the greatest tattoo shops are made by strong crews of experienced artists, that have both solid technical background in tattooing, and are great artists who have created an individual style over a long period of time. This reputation builds slowly through constant work and learning. The best way to advertise in tattooing is on skin. When you do great artwork, it will speak for itself. Usually the owners of the shops are artists who organize, tattoo, and deal with the main business of their shop. For a successful shop he/she will form a team of two to six artists, each having a unique, individual style in the art of tattooing.